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    My 12v battery had complety drained, will not hold a charge when plugged in and the dealership has had the car for nearly two weeks, is in 'discussions' with KIA Technical but no ideas whats causing it yet. They say its not the battery though??? Am i alone?
  2. Kia EV6 Forum
    Hi all, I have a few semi-regular trips where my range doesn't quite make it when I am at an 80% charge. I'm trying to decide which would be better for the long-term health of the battery, charge to 100% on my level 2 charger at home or charge to 80% but then top off using a DC Fast charger...
  3. Kia EV6 Forum
    My apologies if this subject has been discussed prior but I didn't get any hits. Here's my question: I will be out of town for a little over three weeks this summer and my EV6 will be hooked up to my wall charger. What is the recommended charging level I should maintain via the charging...
  4. Kia EV6 Forum
    Here's an interesting article on what drains your battery. As those of us in colder places can attest to, it's low external temperatures, and the heating required to counteract them, that have the biggest impact. But there's a lot of really good info in here on what to worry about and what not...
  5. Kia EV6 Forum
    Do you know what exactly does battery care? Mine is always off...
1-5 of 5 Results