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  1. Kia EV General Discussion Forum Read this article this morning, kind of find it a fabulous lawsuit. Where do they say this about their electric cars here in the states? This is like McDonald's hot coffee all over again.
  2. Kia EV6 Forum
    My plan when I originally posted (GOM experiment) was to take the data from a 1,000 mile trip and try to get some insight about how the guess-o-meter (GOM) works. What I learned is that the data captured in the app's [Trips] tab are pretty messy. First, comparing odometer readings from the app...
  3. Kia EV Issues & Solutions
    Hi, As i read many places but struggle to understand that it's what expected, i wanna hear if it's right that i shouldn't expect more than 185 miles on 100%? I got the LR RWD GT-Line & my avg is 3.05kwh/mile, so i struggle to understand if i should just accept that? It is quite hot here in...
  4. Kia EV6 Forum
    GT-Line RWD. Southern CA: Santa Barbara with frequent 200-plus mile freeway trips into Los Angeles. Overall verdict: Best car we have ever owned. Local driving In-town, curvy, hilly back roads, plus a substantial amount of driving on the 101 Freeway (which runs through Santa Barbara)...
1-4 of 4 Results