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  1. Kia EV6 Forum
    I just purchased the Binize Wireless CarPlay from amazon (Link here: ) and after initial install there are some cool features and some questionable choices. Wanted to write-up my experiences. Feel free to ignore, looks like there are a few reviews of this on-site. Pros: Fully...
  2. Kia EV Issues & Solutions
    Anybody else experiencing this issue? Since I purchase the EV6 GT-line with the Meridian sound system back in March, I have noticed that there is a dramatic sound quality change when I use Android Auto. Simply going through the onboard infotainment, the music quality is phenomenal; punchy bass...
  3. Kia EV6 Forum
    Purchased my new KIA EV6 WIND AWD in April. Moved inland where it can get up to 115 degrees (this week it was 112). Been searching for a car cover but hesitant to buy. Previous tore with wind. Also, windshield is so low to dash that it acts as a mega magnifying glass. Concerned about...
  4. Kia EV6 Forum
    Apple just announced their next gen carplay which could potential take over the digital instrument cluster behind the steering wheel? Looks really cool, although I wonder if it'll work on our 22 EV6's or if it needs additional hardware to work the way Apple intends. I'm sure Kia would have to do...
  5. Kia EV6 Forum
    I just found this video explaining who to get into engineering mode. I'll try later.
1-5 of 5 Results