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  1. Kia EV6 Forum
    I'm trying to compile a list/pics of some rubber floormats. The only ones I've seen real pics of are OEM. I like a floormat with a tall edge on it to catch melted snow. Has anyone seen the weathertech ones? Anyone have any that they like? Please post pics if you do! OEM (US Version??) - these...
  2. Kia EV6 Forum
    Anybody drop the back seats and stuff this thing yet? Pretty positive a drumset and all necessary bits and bobs would fit, but would love some stories/pics of your stuffed EV6's.
  3. Kia EVs Versus The Competition
    Please help to compare these two EV cars. I talked to a Kia dealer. Here are some of the outcomes: EV6, GT-line has a sunroof and Ioniq5 does not. EV6 console is between driver and passenger and Ioniq5 has it nearby the steering wheel. This may save slight space in Ioniq5 but I found a safety...
  4. Kia EV Interior / Exterior
    Let me start by saying I know the topic of PPF/Paint Protection for the SMG has been a topic beaten to death. I’m not asking for input on those options as it seems like they only true way to ensure a safe exterior for Colorado roads is full PPF. As it’s been shared we can assume the cost for a...
  5. KiaEV6FirstSit.jpeg

    First sit in my new EV6 after papers signed and delivery
  6. FEbadging.jpeg

    Kia FE “plaque” aka sticker. A bit underwhelmed. Heat will no doubt cause this to peel. Would’ve loved to see the door sills also show the numbers as well as the center console have a metal plaque. 1110/1500.
  7. QiCharging.jpeg

    Qi Charging Pad fits my iPhone 13 ProMaX. Without wireless CarPlay it’s kinda useless.
  8. Kia EV6 Forum
    Is anyone bothered by the over-use of Piano Black Plastic? I might have to wrap it somehow.... They used that nice brushed Aluminium-look on the center console, they could have used more of that.
1-8 of 8 Results