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  1. Kia EV Dealers, Prices And Orders
    Just dropped a deposit for a Yacht Blue Wind AWD EV6 (US), Charcoal interior, Wind Tech Package, Dimming Mirror with Homelink, and a set of car mats. I had originally placed the order for Gravity Blue, but upon some more research, decided it was too dark for my tastes. Given the last minute...
  2. Canada
    Just wondering what other "Canadians" are doing in trying to get an EV6. I have a deposit for one at a local dealership and have been told March/April 2023. Not a big deal as I don't "need" a new car, but wouldn't be upset if I could get one earlier, LOL. As the deposits are refundable, should...
  3. UK
    So as we nudge nearer October and the supposed delivery dates for early UK orders, has anyone yet heard from the dealers about test drives (*I was told September for this), or estimated delivery dates?
1-3 of 3 Results