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  1. Kia EV Issues & Solutions
    My dealer just told me that the replacement amplifier they received for my EV6 was followed within an hour by a recall notice, and then a new amp - different model number. They're installing it next week. Has anyone heard anything about a recall on the Meredian amplifier?
  2. Kia EV Interior / Exterior
    Hi all, I have been through this thread about speaker upgrade but it seems to focus on upgrading the sub which I’m not interested in. I want to see if anyone has had success changing the speakers and tweeters in the doors? Ideally it would be a straight swap but quite honestly I’m not sure...
  3. Kia EV6 Forum
    Do any of you also have problems with the sound system? I have a list of problems now with the system: a lot of times I don't have any sound No sound whatsoever from parking sensors and lane depart warnings when I stop the engine and open the door, there is a white noise coming from the...
  4. Kia EV Issues & Solutions
    Hi I’m new to the forums. I bought my EV6 light last week and I love it but I notice I have to turn the volume up 50 to be able to hear it good. Even when I use Apple Car Play I’m having to do the same thing. In my 2020 Kia Sportage at 30 it was loud but in the EV6 30 you can’t hear it. Any...
  5. Kia EV Issues & Solutions
    Hi, Occasionally we have found that there’s no sound coming from the Meridian speakers. We get no sound from the different audio modes of DAB, Bluetooth, or even the Sounds of Nature app that comes with the car. This also affects the alerts, such as collision and also the car navigation voice...
  6. Kia EV Interior / Exterior
    Took delivery of a cancelled FE in a whirlwind. I omitted the full charge, a totally detailed car as I’d rather do it myself with the SMG paint. However, after leaving and driving home and a few other places I’ve got an an appointment to have the vehicle booked in and hopefully the rattle taken...
  7. Kia EV Interior / Exterior
    Hi all - I just got my EV6 GT line in Snow White Pearl last week and it is AWESOME !!! Love it in almost every way and have had no software issues so far. However the sound system really is a disappointment. I came from a BMW 3 series with upgraded B&O speakers that were great. I've read the...
  8. Kia EV6 Forum
    What EQ settings are people currently using for their Meridian Sound System?
1-8 of 8 Results