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Finally, a reasonably comprehensive and meaningful EV test series, performed by an independent third party (I suppose) where the results have some real informational value.
From the start I need to mention that I do not speak German, thus I kind of figured out things, so in case here and there I am wrong, please fell free to correct my interpretation of the data.

In summary:
-The guy came up with a 1000 km test drive for Evs, done mainly on German highways with an average driving speed of 130 km/hr or 81 miles/hr
-The route is always the same, and the start and end points are the same, thus no elevation difference
-The following data is recorded or derived out of the results: total driving time, total charging time, total trip time, vehicle energy consumption in kWh/100 km, (1 kWh/100km = 62.137 mi/kWh)
-As we all know, the total charging time depends on the energy storage capacity of the battery pack, the charging speed/rate of the vehicle (and the capacity of the charging point), and the total energy consumption of the vehicle over the whole test
-The test is a real life test, thus unfortunately the environmental conditions are not always the same (outside temperature, dry/wet roads, summer or winter tires), and all these variables have a certain effect on the energy consumption. With all this in mind, I would say the data is quite valuable.

For those who are interested only on the tabulated final results, please fast forward to 25:45 min.

Have a good time watching.
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