Kia completely revealed the all-new EV6 electric crossover today and provided information on what it's all about. This is Kia’s first dedicated BEV and from what they’re showing us so far, there’s a lot to look forward to. It's sporty inside and out, uses a new design philosophy, based on the E-GMP platform and more explained below.

The “Opposites United” Design Philosophy is based on five pillars: “Bold for Nature,” “Joy for Reason,” “Power to Progress,” “Technology for Life,” and “Tension for Serenity.” Here Kia’s head of design tells us all about it.

‘Digital Tiger Face’ is what Kia calls the characteristic daytime running lights that display a sleek, modern appearance. They also include a ‘sequential’ dynamic light pattern. Below it, an air intake that visually widens the front end.

Aerodynamic Performance is built into the design thanks to a swept-back windshield, bold rear haunches modern, sloping rear C-pillar and a roof spoiler that channels air downwards towards a lower spoiler mounted above the rear lights.

It's A Compelling And Relevant Model as put best by Kia’s head of global design that said “EV6, as the first dedicated Kia EV, is a showcase of human-centered, progressive design and electrified power. We strongly believe EV6 is a compelling and relevant model for the new EV market.” and that “With EV6 we aimed to create a distinctive, impactful design by using a combination of sophisticated, high-tech features on pure and rich volumes, while providing a unique space as a futuristic EV.”

Distinctive Interior Design is what you’ll find lots of here. Thanks to the E-GMP platform, it offers more space than previous Kia EVs that helps to create a unique spatial and driving experience. In the photos here you can get a sense of what that is like.

High-Tech Interior Features include high-definition audio visual and navigation (AVN) screen that Kia says creates an immersive experience for the driver. Below it, haptic ‘buttons’ for passengers to control the HVAC system.

The E-GMP Platform, a new platform dedicated to EVs. The EV6 is the first Kia built on it, following the Hyundai IONIQ 5 that was revealed not long ago. This is big and expected to bring impressive specs and configuration options. Kia won’t say what that’s like here but will reveal more in April.

Up 300 Miles Of Range is what the IONIQ 5 is capable of and should be true for the EV6 when specs finally become available as both models are expected to share powertrain configurations. Not only that but fast charging of up to 80% of range in 20 minutes.

77.4 kWh Capacity Battery is also available with the IONIQ 5 and expected here as well. It's what will make 300 miles of range possible. On the lower end, a base 58 kilowatt-hour battery is also an option and should be here too.

0-60 In 3.5 Seconds is what Kia UK confirmed is possible in a statement earlier this month that read “Efficient acceleration allows you to go from 0-60 mph in just 3.5 seconds.” But it isn’t yet clear what battery and motor configuration will make this possible.
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