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2023 EV6: Driver seat creaking?

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I’m about 2 months into ownership of an 2023 EV6 GT-Line AWD, and began to notice a creaking from the driver seat. It’s quite noticeable when getting in and out. Anyone else experiencing that?
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No creaks but the padding does squeak (mine's just over a year old)
When you say creaking does it sound like metal or plastic or something else?

Could it be a seat spring creaking?

If it sounds like metal on metal you may want to looked or get it looked at as it could be a broken part in the seat frame and that's something you do not want.

Some on here have had broken seat frames.
We have a 2023 EV6 GT Line RWD - we've owned it for a few weeks - and the driver's seat squeaks a little whilst one's getting comfortable. It's fine once you're settled.
It sounds like the plastic around the seat, but just pressing down on the seat makes a sound of its own that's much louder on the driver side seats than passenger.

That sounds like the same squeak as mine. I'm surprised it surfaced so quickly. (and honestly, I'm surprised mine surfaced at all. Figured it'll take at least 5 years' worth of wear lol).

Given that it's both with the vegan leather and synthetic suede leads me to believe the sound is originating from the material beneath the seat covers. (that's why I thought mine was the foam)
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There’s a TSB for replacing the seat frame. Cars produced some time in early 2023 are affected (no longer work at KIA so can’t check exact build dates).
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As it is so easy to do all over the seat with little pressure it sounds like there is a part of the seat backing rubbing on another piece as its not just in one area.
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