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Bamacar Kia EV6 floor mats cargo liner review!

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I think this post will be useful for those who looking for a weather protection floor mats for your Kia EV6. When I wanna buy somthing online, I am always worried about the quality and the seller's promotional picture does not match the actual product, and it is troublesome to return the product. So I prefer to see the product video before I place the order or watch some review video to make sure I will get a nice product.
I would say I am satisfied with bamacar kia ev6 floor mats, which have product videos and a review video from a kia ev6 youtuber: Technically Jeff, here is the mats review video:
the video shows how well the mats fit and give me extra 5%off code, I guess it is kind of workship between the brand and youtuber. Anyway, I am happy with it because I paid less than I order directly from amazon.

With my previous car I found the value in swapping out the carpet mats that came with the car for ones that can stand up to the traffic and everyday wear and tear. These mats are very rugged and are great for handling everything from mud to snow to rain and even a spilled drink.

Installation takes some attention as these mats fit very tightly with little room to spare. A little pressure and they pop in place right up against the seat support rails in the front of the car. In the front the two pieces meet up precisely at the center console with no room to spare between them which is great as you don't want a gap to allow things to fall in. The rear mat is a bit easier to secure in place but is also a perfect fit.

With car dealerships seemingly charging an arm and a leg for everything, I was really happy to see these Kia EV6 floor mats for much less than the dealer would charge. They are a perfect fit for driver, passenger, rear and cargo.

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The quality is comparable to what you'd get from Kia themselves. There are definitely thicker mats out there if you are doing very heavy duty stuff with your EV6, but for families and those who just drive around these mats are great and should last for many years.

You will like them!


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That is one hell of a first post. So now we not only have Tech Jeff reviewing stuff and getting revenue sharing, we have brand new posters doing it on his behalf too !

Maybe the mods need to consider having a separate sub forum for product promotion.
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I did not suggest your reviews were worthy of ignoring, far from it, I've found some of the ones with products that pique my interest to be worthwhile, and I do skim past the ones that are of no interest. Just seemed a bit weird for a first time poster to drop a review of a review :)
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