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You think you would pay for this?

Buildin dashcam/sentry mode

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Does kia ev6 have a dashcam or something like a sentry mode like tesla have? I've seen something on ioniq 5 forums that the corean market has this as an extra.
I think it's a really useful feature to have, even if it's not a base feature (you have to pay for it).
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A DashCam mode for driving yes, which seems to have it at minute 32:20 of this video talks about it.

Although yes, it has an alarm but it does not have a sentinel mode, so we will have to put something on our own.
But I think it's only available in certain regions (like korea).
And I think you need to add it as an option.

Don't see it on the specsheet in NL.
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As long as there is an option for it, i am ok, but i hope its not completely removed in other regions.
The sentry mode from tesla is one of the main reason i still have tesla on the table. (i am thinking about buying a new EV car next year) My options at the moment are ev6, ioniq5, tesla 3, tesla y and kona.
I have a Tesla model 3 LR and I have seen the ivisix in person, touch it and sit on it, a few weeks ago here in Spain and they are very different physically and to the touch. Finishes and construction, without comments, the ivisix gives the feeling of more car.

Then on the road it would be to see what other feelings each one expresses. Because the Tesla on the road is doing very well but only because of the Tesla charging points, it gives a lot of peace of mind. The Kia, however, in that aspect, you have to travel in another way.

But in the day to day, charging at home, only the feeling between one and the other will make the difference or ..... tastes.
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I have seen a EV6 video from Korea which stipulates a Dashcam already exists within the vehicle. You will notice the camera button lit on the left of the sunroof switch. (If you have one)

Automotive tail & brake light Vehicle Cloud Plant Automotive mirror

They show a video of a drive around a car park showing you can adjust the duration of capture to the storage located in the glove box (USB).
I think if we shout loud enough they may incorporated it for easy access and use in coming OTA updates.
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