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I suspect this might be a 'review' for some people but on the off chance that someone encounters this experience, perhaps this thread will help.

I was in a car garage yesterday (level 4, underground) and discovered that the key fob was dead. The car was unresponsive to Kia Connect commands (probably given location) and I didn't have cellular network on my phone to bring up the manual.

  • The valet key worked great. A little clumsy if your hands are full with the manual latch (I have a Wind), so it helps to not try and multi-task.
  • Pressing the power button with the key fob will allow the car to start. Apparently there is suppose to be a visual queue reference to this on the primary display but the car did not indicate that.

I have not had the courage yet to crack open a 3-week old key fob with a flat-head screwdriver yet. But I did find a YT video where some did just that.

Bringing the fob back to the dealer (that I bought the car from) is out of the question at this time, new job so no time off. But hopefully it's just a fluke on the battery and a swap fixes that.
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