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The choice of how you want to protect your matte paint is up to you. I have the time and the space to do the job myself. I've always taken car of my car's paint since the 1960's. I chose to do a full ceramic on the car rather than a PPF which would have been very expensive, but nice.
I am posting this strictly for others who may want to perform a DIY ceramic of their EV6. I spent about $425.00 on materials, coatings, towels and a foam canon. I have plenty of materials left for maintenance, but not enough ceramic coatings left to do a full second job in a couple of years.
I purchased the following products:
Chemical Guys Meticulous Matte Auto Wash and a Le Lematec car foam gun from Amazon. This hooks to your air compressor and garden hose. Worked extremely well with 6 gallon compressor at 90 PSI.
I foamed the car down and washed off with a microfiber pad from Chemical Guys and microfiber toweled off.
I sprayed the wheels with Gyeon Q_M Iron Wheel cleaner to remove all of the brake dust from 3 weeks of driving. Then hosed it all off and dried entire vehicle.
I then parked the car in the garage overnight to insure a complete air dry.
I then prepped the wheels with Gyeon Q2M Prep, dried them and then applied Gyeon Q2 RIM ceramic coating. Microfiber towel wipe off.
Next I worked on the glass. I cleaned all the glass and mirrors. I chose to coat only the front and rear windshields, mirrors and the glass rooftop. First used glass cleaner. Then I followed up with the Gyeon Q2 VIEW. This is a 2 step product. First you apply the Cleanse which is like a very fine polish that is then wiped off with a damp microfiber towel. Then the Q2 VIEW Ceramic coating is applied to the glass and wiped off.
Next came the Matte paint ceramic process. The entire car was sprayed and wiped off with Gyeon Q2M PREP. This removes any final contaminants that may be on the car. (Note, if your car is older or dirty, you may want to spray with the Gyeon Q2M Iron before you even wash the vehicle.
After applying the prep and letting it dry, I then proceeded to apply the Gyeon Q2M Matte EVO ceramic product. The directions says to apply to a full panels at a time. I did this except for the hood which I split into 4 sections and the roof which I split in half. This product includes an applicator, but not towels. Use a short nap towel. A good choice is from Amazon: Rag Company Professional detailing towel for ceramics. You will need 4-6 of these. The product is wiped on in at least 2 directions per each section or panel area. Then you wipe it off in about 25-60 seconds. Use 2 towels to wipe off per section. This will level and smooth the product. I purchased the 50 ml bottle and had about 10 ml remaining after I completed the car. The product wiped off clean without spots or streaking. The paint finish was unchanged.
Finally, I ceramic coated the black trim using Gyeon Q2 Trim. Again, use the prep spray and then dry off. Apply the coating and wipe off.
The car should remain in a covered space or garage for 12-24 hours before driving and not washed for 2 weeks.
The paint protection kit included a bottle of Q2M Cure Matte which renews the paint protection and can be used every 6 weeks after washing. Depending on your environment, the protections could last up to 3 years on the paint. Wheels are supposed to last like 6 months, glass maybe a year.

So if you are looking for a DIY solution, this may be of help. Gyeon also makes ceramic coating for gloss paint. Note, they are a South Korean Company.

I am not affiliated with Gyeon, make no money and get nothing back. I paid full price for my products.
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