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I do a great deal of wildlife and nature photography so I spend time driving minor roads at night. Better lighting has saved many a critter who don’t look both ways before crossing a road!

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I’ve installed different lights on different vehicles and my preferred pattern is produced by the Rigid Driving Lights. Their fog and spot lights are also very good for your style. I’ve used other brands in different applications but these lights work well for my purpose. There are some cheaper brands but they are not sealed as well.

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Since my dealer had already punched holes for the temporary license plates, some additional holes will not be a future problem if I am compelled to install a plate. I put a couple 1/4-20 anchor bases next to the plate holes and used a little larger positioning screw in the plate holes. I flipped the light in the housing so that I could mount it from the top side.

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My access into the frunk was at this point. This location was away from fans, vents, radiators, electronics, sensors, anything expensive and on backorder.

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I mounted the switch below the button panel and routed it through the firewall with the trunk release cable. This way I wasn’t disturbing any vehicle wiring.

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The relay and fuse are mounted in the frunk and the 12 volt battery should be DISCONNECTED before you establish a ground point and positive connection point.

The installation isn’t too complicated but knowing which end of a soldering iron to pound with would be helpful.

This is the standard headlight pattern…

Sky Street light Automotive lighting Nature Road surface

This is with the Rigid Driving Lights. The added peripheral vision could save a critter and/or a trip to the body shop.

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