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Couple of interesting quotes

Hyundai said there are no restrictions on repeated fast charging. Optimum charging is between 10 to 80%, but there was no technical reason not to charge to 100%.

“There is a buffer on the battery storage anyway and therefore a slight difference between what the driver sees as a percentage charge and the actual amount held within the battery, i.e. the usable battery level that the driver sees may be 100% but the actual battery charge level may be slightly below,” Hyundai said in statement.
“Tesla for example has a “road trip” user case that covers exactly high-speed travel with supercharging along route. Tesla throttles supercharge speed depending on battery temperature but what’s interesting is it minimizes battery degradation by prewarming the battery before supercharging. I believe a lot of EVs do not have this function, fast charging a cold battery is the worst-case scenario for battery degradation via dendrite formation. Tesla is constantly fine-tuning the thermal management and charger settings to maximise customer experience and minimize battery degradation and applying them to customer vehicles,” Petschenyk said.
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