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Hey everyone,

So my wife and I have driven EVs for a fairly long time here in suburban L.A. (usually leasing). Here's the list with approx ranges and a brief blurb about each:

2008 Mini-E program (120mi)- I still fantasize about this car. Completely won me over to EVs for life.
2010 Nissan Leaf SL (85mi)- just never won us over and we were happy to give it back at the end of the lease
2010 BMW Active-E (100mi)- after the MiniE this was a meh, but better than the Leaf.
2012 Toyota RAV4 EV (145mi)- great vehicle which my wife did not want to let go, but I made her because of the Gateway ECU flaw with the 40kW Model S under the hood.
2013 BMW i3 - gave it back within 2 days. really really didn't like it.
2013 Tesla Model S 85kW (250mi)- incredible resale which I had to do once I got my oldest kids 1st college tuition bill. Replaced by a favorite:
2016 Kia Soul EV+ (90mi) - I could not believe that the tech/convenience of this car beat the Model S and it was even more fun to drive. Was sad to let this go.
2017 Chevy Bolt Premier (240mi) - We really love these vehicles. Consistently can get ~270miles and love the fun factor plus convenience & tech.
2019 Chevy Bolt Premier (240mi) - Not going to give this back. Especially since the recall will give us a brand new battery (eventually ....)
2020 Tesla Model 3 SR+ (220mi) - nice but overall I'm ready to move on - anyone want it?
2022 Kia EV6 First Edition? (265mi) Lets see how much the dealer wants to fleece me for this. But I'm excited for this.

So I should probably use the search function to ask these questions, but here goes:
  • anyone else find the charge-port location a real head-scratcher? is there some official explanation as to why they put it on the rear passenger side? terrifically inconvenient if you ask me
  • the forums here are called "Kia EV Forums". I was hoping I would find some areas to discuss the Kia Soul EV and the Kia Niro EV (which I may buy soon). However, the options for this are thin I think?
  • do others have reservations for other EVs? I have one for the Ioniq 5. Also have one for a Model Y but I'm fairly certain I'm not doing that. Debating whether I should make one for the ID.4 -- a lot of this is cause the new car situation is so messed up right now.
  • has anyone had any luck changing their First Edition reservation to a dealer that won't markup above MSRP? How does one do that? I see there is a rep from a dealer in Illinois which is selling at MSRP. If I could switch to them I would immediately. Thoughts?

Look forward to the discussions!

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Good to hear from another happy Bolt owner. I put 35K on my 2017 before GM re-purchased it as a result of the battery issue...for about what I paid for it (at least if you count the tax credit. Loved it.

I don't think I'll mind the charge port location...but time will tell. I think it is a head scratcher more because it is in an area likely to get hit in a minor collision.

I don't have any other reservations, but I'm considering bailing on my FE reservation for an ioniq 5 if things stretch out too long, mostly from a value perspective position. I've driven the Model Y and its just not for me...but seems like a fine car. I did try to make a Lyriq reservation but didn't make it through. The lyriq is really the only car other than the Ioniq5 and EV6 that has my attention right now.

I don't think you can change where your FE is going to at this point. All you can do is show theme the letter that KIA sent out asking dealers to sell at MSRP, and tell them you will contact corporate and nicely ask them to cut their future allocation of EV6s if they mess with around with the price. If that doesn't work, my suggestion is to start looking for a GT-line at MSRP...or go for the Hyundai
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