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After getting a few ads for the BMW i4, I decided to finally take a test drive. I'm on the fence about trading in our FE for a GT when it's out or keeping the FE and adding a totally different car.

The demo unit was the i4 m50, with 536 HP, so it would be a fair fight against the upcoming EV6 GT.

BMW Pros
Handling. During the test drive I took a few hard turns that would have lost traction in the EV6. The i4 in Sport mode stuck like glue. Off the line it did not disappoint either, but it wasn't Model S level punch. The EV6 has always been enough in Sport mode.

The BMW infotainment was a win. Resolution is sharper and it looks more modern.

Resale. This is debatable but I found the argument online in the comment section somewhere. A BMW on the used market is highly desirable. Not sure how many aspire to own a used Kia.

EV6 Pros
BMW climate controls are almost 100% on screen. We might be annoyed with shared buttons on the EV6 but these are better than no buttons and knobs at all. The BMW I drove didn't have cooled seats.

Styling. My wife prefers the EV6 interior, especially the fabric dash. The i4 has just as much plastic but it's not cleverly done. She says the exterior on the BMW is not a head turner.

Rear seat space. The roofline on the BMW is sloped and leaves little headroom for anyone over 5'8". There's a transmission tunnel hump in the rear seat leftover from the ICE version of the car.

Trunk space. They're so close going by appearance alone. The BMW has a power supply included. It doesn't have a seat release in the trunk. You have to reach inside to drop the seats.
Think the EV6 front trunk is small? Theres no front trunk storage space at all on the BMW.

Noise. I heard more wind noise while driving the BMW. I had to check all the windows were up. The piped in fake engine sounds are not as tastefully done as the Kia's. I assume they can be turned off. Vibration and harshness were about the same on both cars.

Dimensions. The two cars are about the same size outside. Front clearance on the EV6 is higher.

Image. This is just my opinion but I make better first impressions in a Kia. If clients or employers see my car or even just the key, they won't think I'm high priced.

Here are two pictures I snapped before I thought of posting here. Sorry about the tree.

View attachment 7963
View attachment 7962
I REALLY liked the M50...of course the price was way higher than the EV6 ; unless you go for the i40

Without driving the new EV6 GT it'd be difficult to really compare

I thought the iDrive felt much more modern. I like the EV6 infotainment; but it feels 'standard' to me.

My SO also thought there was nothing special about the M50, she thought the interior was 'normal'...nothing to go wow about. She didn't care for the drive or the lower seating position. I thought all the controls, switches etc felt solid and high quality.

The BMW salesman said he could offer me MSRP (just salesman words so I took it for what its worth). At that time, April or May, he said he thought inventory would come in sometime at the end of the year.

Being 6'4ish the rear did feel a little tight ;) I've always liked BMW's so I typically forgive some of the flaws...

I am still super happy with the EV6 (still the honeymoon phase so...we'll see if eating her peas one at a time gets to me later)
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