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2022 EV6 Wind AWD Tech package
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Yes it more efficient than Tesla propulsion unit when tested at 130 km/h.
So this propulsion unit can be PM motor and AC induction motor in one piece. Best of both worlds. No resistance when coasting ( inverter will not keep electricity to the rotor to be magnetized. They have higher torque less heat production ( much lover ratio and much lower rotor speeds required to be in efficiency map when loaded)
From my knowledge about brushes and BMW engineering life expectancy, brushes will last up to 300 000 km before it needs brushes replacing. Electric motor is easily accessible and this maintenance is not very complicated to replace. Some testing over EU I4 RWD is more efficient than Tesla 3 model, even I4 is much more heavy than Tesla 3.
Weird that the bmw gets lower efficiency rating than kia if motor is more efficient
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