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EV6 being prepped for paint work

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Some pics of my somewhat-naked EV6 being prepped for paint work:
Car Vehicle Automotive parking light Grille Hood

Wheel Tire Vehicle Car Automotive lighting

Wheel Tire Car Vehicle Automotive tire

Tire Wheel Vehicle Car Automotive tire

Tire Wheel Car Vehicle Hood

Tire Wheel Vehicle Land vehicle Car

It took "only" 14 months but Kia finally approved my paint warranty claim but at least now we have progress.
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Interesting as to how the side glass panel between the C and D pillar is just one single piece that appears to be held in place by either some sort of pressure clip or tab.
Remember, if the car is going to go through a high-temperature heat cure the HV battery should be removed.
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They will not be using high-temperature heat treatment to cure the paint.

My understanding when it comes to high-temperature heat treatment is that it is used simply to speed up the paint curing process. Given my particular vehicle, I imagine the body shop wouldn't use high-temp heat treatment to cure the paint, instead just letting it cure at a reasonably safe temp regardless of how long it takes for the paint to cure (within reason).

Depending on the catalyst used during the painting process, paint can cure at 65-70 degrees F--it's only a matter of how long it takes to cure at those temperatures. In my local area the ambient daytime temps are/have been in the high-70s so I would think the indoor temps (or at least that of the paint booth) will be just as high if not higher even without the addition of high-temp heat treatment.
So how did this come about? What happened to the paint? I have matte gray too. I have paint on my driver from just shutting it. My finger somehow smoothed the paint.
Long story short--small but noticeable blemishes on the matte finish on both driver side doors, along with some faint marks on the hood that appeared to have been incurred during removal of the film that is applied to various parts of the vehicle during transport--I noticed all that during inspection at time of delivery. Dealer acknowledged the existence of the issue, hence paint warranty claim.

You can see the blemish in the upper right corner of driver door:
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