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I originally have a Model Y perf on order but seriously considering to give EV6 or Ioniq 5 a try, currently reserved an EV6 GT Line AWD coming in next week.
Despite the disappointing highway range for EV6/Ioniq 5, paying almost 15k less (including the fed rebate) vs the Y makes more financial sense to overlook a few shortcomings.
Trying to compare EV6 GT line and Ioniq 5 Limited both AWD trim:

EV6 GT Line lacking -
Projector headlight
Digital key
Walk away auto-lock feature (I remember Ioniq 5 has this)
Kia 5 year anti-perforation warranty vs 7 on Hyundai
1000kwh free EA charging vs 2 years on Ioniq 5
$1200 more expensive than Ioniq 5 limited AWD trim
Kia general depreciates faster than Hyundai (I'm not sure about it)

Anything else I missed?
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