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EV6 in Matte Gray

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This video is in Korean but provided a good look at the Matte Gray color with brown interior. The details in the video are quite good for a 1080p upload, check it out.

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Please give a reliable source for the difficulty in maintaing the matte grey finish.
Seems like if it requires it, the manufacturer would provide that info in the manual. Not sure why there would be some special way to maintain it. Should be just washing as normal. Some other members will have one soon and can provide their experience.
Totally agree. Paint is paint. Why would a manufacturer produce vehicle with a paint that would bring lots of criticism to the company. Totally ignorant just like the people pushing this hypothesis. Just trolls and disinformation I think.
For those who do not read Danish, Here is a translation. I am sure this will put off customers with matte gray EV6s.

Congratulations on your new Kia EV6!

To get the best experience and durability as well as ensure that your EV6 is sharp throughout the car service life, it is important that the paint is properly maintained. You have chosen a color with a matte varnishing, which must be maintained a little differently than a conventional glossy varnishing. Kia therefore recommends that you follow the following tips for maintaining your new Kia EV6.

How to wash your EV6 with matt lacquer. Wash the car with plenty of running water and a soft sponge or cloth. Wipe the car after washing with a microfiber cloth. If there is heavy soiling or dirt stains, these must be rinsed off the car clean, cold water before washing the car.
• Do not wash the car with hot water.
• Do not wash the car in direct sunlight. Use only a car shampoo intended for matt car paints.
• Never use car shampoo containing wax.
• Never wash the car in a car wash that uses brushes.
• Never wash the car in a car wash that uses a steam / hot water cleaner.
• Never wash the car in a wax hall that applies wax.
• Never use a high-pressure cleaner or similar on the car.
• Never use wax on the car.
• Never use polishes on the car.
• Remove contaminants immediately, such as bird droppings and the like when they reach discovered. Remove these contaminants, even if the rest of the car does not immediately needs washing

Worth knowing about Kia's paint warranty.

Kia's paint warranty covers manufacturing and material defects on the car's paint, but Kia's paint warranty covers not the following: Changes in the gloss of the paint. Changes in the shade of the paint. Tint differences in color or gloss due to repair of traffic damage or other repairs, including repair of the car under the car's paint warranty. • Always follow Kia's instructions for maintaining the car's paintwork. These are found in the car instruction manual.

If you have questions about Kia's matte paints, you are always welcome at your local authorized Kia dealer. You can find them here:
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