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Hi all,

Just wanted to share my impressions of the EV6, in particular regarding its practicality (as that was the main dealbraker for my wife if we cannot fit decent luggage + stroller for our toddler).

Lo and behold, we managed to fit two large suitcases + stroller, which could be substituted by a third large suitcase easily.

You might notice that the suitcase is overhanging out of the frame of the car, but the boot closed without forcing, as there is more room towards the rear window than the plastic frames suggest.

Furthermore, I saw somebody on the forum thinking of skipping the Meridian sound system to get some more space in the boot - don't bother, there was one in the showroom with a basic spec and the extra room instead of subwoofer can house the cables at most!
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Overall great car - will test the Model Y (wife still has to make up her mind about the extra room in Model Y vs the cheaper, more reliable and better spec'd EV6) to make a final decision on which car to jump in the EV train.
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