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Hello everyone
Im Marc en live in the Netherlands near Alkmaar.

At this moment ime very far in deceiding what my new car will be and it looks likeit will become the:
EV6 77,4 kwh AWD GT-line

If there are other members ( also outside the Netherlands) how already have this car i would like to make contact to ask you about your experiance and your dissapointments.

Kind regards

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Welcome to the Forum.

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Hi, welcome. I have had the EV6 GT-line for over a month now. I am around the Amersfoort area by the way.

Here are some of my pros and cons and some neutral things:

  • Ride quality is a bit on the stiff side but gives off a very interesting and unique driving feel. I like it a lot. It is because the suspension is some sort of adaptive system that changes based on road quality. Sometimes that system is caught off-guard which causes a bit of a jolt. It is never uncomfortable and in general feels like a very smooth car.
  • Sound proofing is solid. The RWD car comes with very underwhelming Kumho tires. I changed them to Bridgestone (which are also loud in general) but they are an improvement and even with these the car is really quiet. Comfort levels also went up with them.
  • The car has loads of features that actually make sense.
  • Seat comfort is excellent for my body, your mileage may vary.
  • Charging speed potential is very high (more on that later)
  • Range, even in winter seems solid.
  • I love the Meridian Sound system. Be sure to put it in "Surround" mode though. The default sound settings are weak.
  • Camera system quality is very good.
  • For how sporty the thing looks there is still loads of room in general.

  • Infotainment is OKAY. It has all you need and in my opinion it seems decently laid-out, but it needs a speed increase. It is not horribly slow, but I would like a bit more snappiness.
  • The charging speed is heavily dependant on temperature. If the battery is too cold it will need to warm up first, which the car does not do beforehand. Which results in a bit of slow charging for the first minutes (80-120 kW). PEAK speed of most competitors is around 100-150kW, So still pretty good.
  • Interior looks amazing and in general feels high enough quality, but if you go for a GT-line @ 55-60 grand it will not feel like a 55-60 grand car. Keep that in mind. It feels good for 45-50 grand though.
  • Highway Drive Assist 2 (HDA2) is a mixed bag. The Adaptive Cruise Control part is excellent and smooth and lane assist seems aggressive enough that it will keep you safe which is all good. BUT, the auto-steer function is considerably worse than in the Golf Mk8 I had before this. That one was smooth, stable, even saw the edges of roads without painted lines (Unlike the EV6) and was overall a system that I could rely on a lot more. The VW system I could trust blindly, the EV6 system I really need to baby-sit. This can improve with software updates though.
  • No rear wiper is a bit weird, but somehow it does work with the airflow of the car. You need higher speeds for it to really blow-off water though
  • The headlights might be Matrix, but they are pretty basic. They are not very wide, have no cornering light and no auto height adjustment. So a bit of a disappointment. Again, the "IQ lights" on my Golf Mk8 were a lot better. Not even a contest.
  • Navigation does not add waypoints for charging automatically. So you are basically forced to use Android Auto or Apple CarPlay for your long road trips. Not a huge deal on a daily basis, but a stupid omission from Kia. Possible to fix that with software updates. And updates have been rolling out.
  • The parking cameras have no washer, so you will have to clean them from time to time. 60k car Kia, come on.
  • The interior has one massive problem. Piano-black plastic overload. Kia stop doing that, it is the most nonsensical interior material you can put in a car. It only looks good when pristine, gets scratches in 1 minute and shows dust way too much. Once there are easy ways to wrap these I will. Only solution here for now: Be careful with metal items, and keep a microfiber cloth in the car.
  • Early cars have some issues with AC. Chances are that newly built ones will not have this issue.
  • If you are very tall (especially torso) the headroom up front might not be enough. Really advise you to sit in the car first before ordering.

I hope this helps! Most of these are very subjective of course. So don't take them too literally.

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Driving an EV6 Plus RWD, really like the ride and on speed the RWD is fast enough. IC will rarely keep up, most other EV might.
For me the GTline wasnot an option due to the sunroof, no headroom remains for tall people.
Also the most other extras I could not care about. HDA2 is way too slow in changing lanes, automatic parking the same.
The headup display and mirror in the dash are very useful! But not available on the Plus.
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