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EV6's Biggest Threat?

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Some of you may not be aware that Honda has been secretly working on a proper 2 door EV for a long time. If you go back to the Tokyo Auto show in 2017(Photo A), Honda had shown a working concept of this model alongside the Honda Urban EV that later materialized as the four-door Honda E. In 2019, patent images of another EV coupe had surfaced(Photo B) but it's unclear if that model is a separate model altogether or an evolution of the 2017 concept. Just recently, it has been reported that Honda will introduce their EV coupe sometime next year. As far as I know, this model could be a big threat to the EV6 despite it having two fewer doors. The report does indicate Honda's future model will remain a 2 door.
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Source: Honda two-door Sports EV in the works
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