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Pro tip to those that don't speak Korean: You can turn on Closed Captions and then switch the language to English (or whatever you prefer) using the Gear icon.

Or you can read through this rough translation. It uses the auto-generated transcript in Korean and then translated to English using Google's Translate tool, so expect some mistakes!

Full Transcript:
It's gone quietly just too much
Tried to go back but got stuck
took the first time
Yes Hello, I am Bpil. Today again
The last final version of the Eve line
In Paju, our infinite runner
Thank you for reporting it, and the infinite speed lord
There is, but the one who takes the picture now
It's Mr. Puffing, and the Lord Muanjul again
Club Eve9 is running a club.
So please sign up today
What kind of EVE9 are you to meet?
It's the version. It's the last P2 version.
You can see it, then in the end it will be like this
It's coming out. Actually, I started with the concept car.
What's the camouflage vehicle, really, how old is this guy?
I've met you, but this perfect finished car
I'm seeing it for the first time. That's right. First of all, I
I was amazed the first time I saw it
Why are there two holes already drilled?
It's open, that's the third level of semi-autonomous driving
because of the test
There will be a hole like that then
Is it a test or is it actually semi-autonomous
I heard the 3rd stage of driving, and after that, now
I'm going to go in then first
It doesn't come in when it's released. I bought it for the first time.
Do people become greedy?
is it
I'm not an electric car owner again
Tesla model and I really like it
2nd Now finished car Snow right now as soon as I see it
Turned upside down No, was it this big?
The color itself is the concept car we saw
The color is the same as that, so this
Bright colors make the car look bigger
I think so, but look at the bottom of the license plate
Radar sensor is huge
The design itself is well done
there is
Unfortunately, it is matte. In the original concept car,
It's a little glossy and has something
I had a strong downtown feeling, but this time
off-road feel
It seems to have been strong. Looking here, this is
The form that runs vertically like this
It has a really similar feel to the ev6
It's matte, but there's a reason
If you look closely at ev6, the z-line is
I come out with a glow
But model 1 is infinite, so
EV line diagram
The GTA line doesn't come out, and the matte first
come out
What about people who want to buy
It will come later. What should I buy then?
I have to buy it first, but I
I'll live anyway
The gt line is definitely prettier
Then cladding as well as expected
The cladding is also matte
And here's the parking sensors
I'm going in, but at the top
The chrome line is gone.
There is also a concept car.
Just like the concept car, here it is now
I can see a little bit of silver, I can't touch it
It's configured sorry here now
The front camera shows a little towards the bottom
I have it because of the around view
It's done, just like the Benz's eq
It will look a bit like a straight daylight.
I think
The light doesn't come on
Linked with drl, all the way
You can see it continues
then the drl is here ah here here
It's a real finished car
that's right here is the drl
I want to take it off really ah really come back
I want to, the drl continues here
It goes up like this, right? And
to the end like this
Hey, I'm surprised to see the light right now
I was surprised
Just like the concept car
It's the same because right now I'm in Sorento
You took some pictures of the facelift camouflage.
At that time, it's a little bit on your feet
It's been several months.
Two headlights come out
That's right, what will come out that blinks?
When I glanced at the blinking driving, this
It looked like this from the side
'Cause I can't see
But from here on, I blink like this
Oh, then, anyway, the concept
Oh then
There is a flicker in this shape of daylight
I can check what's going on
Unfortunately, it is not a sequential type.
It's not condition, it's just
Blinking, anyway, but incredibly
because it gets loud
I think it would be really nice in this aspect
If you look, this bonnet is real
Are there many domestic cars?
It's kind of like a full-size SUV.
It's a feeling, but in fact, it's authentic in Korea
What is the income if it is Mojave?
But Mojave is actually dead bone
to say this
With such a design that replaces it, it is very
Rugged and tough design
I can confirm that there is, and
In the case of Ionic 7, it is very
It's coming out to your advantage, right?
Then he's a bit of an urban guy
Going off-road and camping
I wonder if it's a feeling, this color
That's right, I thought it would end in a concept car
all right
It's actually coming out, this is almost the first release
no child
The color is really pretty, especially
An angular string has a vertex
The triangle is actually a concept car
It's the same, and the puffy hyung earlier
As you said, this cladding part is also
Because it's not a line, it's just a generic
It's made of plastic, but it's cotton
The texture is completely plastic.
It's not like this, but to some extent
It's classy, but here
The most surprising thing is
The wheels are 21 inch wheels in Korea
Was there anything in the electric vehicle app?
There are very few 21 inch ones.
It's not the first time, it's the first time no
in reality
The real wheelhouse itself is also a fist
So full that one barely fits
I'm filling it up, but this design is a bit
It's weird when I first saw it in pictures
I wondered if
The size is huge. This design
Where did you see it? Where did you see it?
i know
He has grown a lot
But if you look at this design, here
It's all done in two tones, what is this place
Looks like a Kia logo
I attached it with electrical tape.
I see
With something like silver, then this is Kia
The logo is taken, but if you look at the wheel cap here
It's so oddly lopsided
The Kia mark is on the steering wheel these days
If you look at it, you can see the concept of the location of Kia in the home.
I'm leaning to one side
But the wheel cap is also on one side
I think it gives off a bit of a strange feeling.
the side mirror
It's designed really tough.
But the picture I was reported to
I see this is the camera again
Go into d thought, right
But Ioniq 6 is the same
Did you have a minute? What can I do about Ioniq 6?
There were many people who chose not to.
because of options
Yes, Ioniq 5
It's very rare, but it's a problem
there is
Digital side mirrors are probably now
Because I'm the type to see through a camera
There are a lot of problems now because of the light reflection
Yes, but even in the concept car, it's actually digital
The side mirror design was really pretty
Wild boar, this is annoying so I made it small
It was sticking out, but the design and
entering the same
you can check then
Like the concept car, here is the a-pillar
It's also black high gloss.
If you look at the loop, it's just a float type.
It has been processed. Ah, this is the design
It's so pretty, it's real, and it's like a roof rack
The case is actually tough and offloading something
You have to be a little farther away to be emotional
But I guess the number of air resistance
It's an electric car to lower it, so it's a little like this
Sorry for the low design.
The long chrome that went into the front
You know, it's the same material as that.
Chrome is also very common here.
I'm going to the end, I'm going, I'm going, I'm going
How do I get there? Go up a little bit
How are you doing? No, you know.
How amazing
This is the same as the concept car
It seems to have been designed, then
All of these non-filler and C-pillar parts
Because it is treated with high gloss
I see it on one side, it's like this
I can say that
Gently, gently, like a Range Rover bug
There is only a difference, and this part
I think it's a little regretful no
I can see all the rear lamps. This video
can i go out
So, the rear lamp
Already P2 stage test cards
Because it spins so much, the spillage
It's been a lot
If you look at the concept car, it's just red like this
it was like this
is made clear
Wow, this part is like sewing
I heard
I'm sitting on top
When the taillights are off,
Coming in clear but probably taillights
Will it turn red like this when I come in?
And here is the chrome line
You go all the way up
Then I go to this rear wing
The rear wing is this size
really no too big
I'm really proud
The rear wing is too big, the reason is this
A hidden wiper goes inside.
The location is a bit strange, but the location is reversed
Oh, it's like this
he's like this
There is a small trace.
Oh but
The brake lights are crazy, close here now
If you look
Do you see the red brake light?
It goes on like this
brake if
I think I'm crazy, really
Can I take a picture or not
I'm recording now
everyone like this
This is the first time
Hey, I was surprised
while filming
The notice of ointment suddenly came out and I didn’t look at it
I said it and walked out
You were really here right now, you disappeared
No, I was really filming and I never did this again
for the first time
But a little quietly, I just want to go back too much
I did but it took
It took me the first time. I took all of them.
no this should talk to the last bumper
Luckily, I almost got it.
That's right, I can't explain everything, but
Anyway, you have to finish the last thing.
Later, my brother knows some information.
I know it, but what does the motor go into?
In the case of the front wheel, now
160kw and the same case behind
It's 270 Uh then power is power
I'm not kidding
But now the battery capacity
77.4 originally entered the P1 phase
I'm doing it with a change
I'm talking about increasing the capacity a bit.
so this time
100k stat battery when ev9
There is a lot of expectation that the capacity will not be exceeded
I'm doing
Will it be over 100kw?
I don't think I'll pass
I thought so, but actually
The size is too big and this weight
If you want to handle it, you must have that much battery
I think the capacity will fit
When EVE9 was leaked abroad
The mileage was slightly leaked.
400's, 400's
500, not 400 abroad
when we
hunger is
I'll pass it on, I'll trust you too
Actually, look at the interior and talk
should have done
It's over before I see trust
what's in the display
The display is very large this time
go in
It's a curved type, but it's 12.3
Not 12.3 inches, bigger than that
go in
This time, in the concept car, ultra-wide
A 27-inch display is included
There was.
But now this display is in the middle of this
Originally there was nothing in the part
Between the instrument panel and the navigation, then
may continue
then the best
What you are wondering about is the price.
I want it, the current price is 6,000
in the second half
Rumor has it that 7,800 goes like that.
Yes, then it's okay if it's around 6,000
Yes, the value for money is better than I thought, but I
If I live, I'll be honest
Rather than the gt line, I just value for money
Wouldn't every paladin choose a model
But Tesla is not standard now
It's standard, but it's worth living. Ah
Really this is so sad right now
No no I know why you're cold all of a sudden
it's a shame
I am not English
What are the children doing as they pass by?
is it
I wonder if you're the one watching me
car suddenly
It was unfiltered until now, but today you helped me
Infinite speed and nice to meet you
I'm going to fry it and take a picture
thank you
thank you

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Why no interior shots even if the glass was tinted.

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My suspicion is it is an official reveal that is masking as an unofficial "scoop". Clearly they would have looked inside and said SOMETHING about the interior. But KIA has not revealed the interior yet, and hence nothing about it on this video.

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My suspicion is it is an official reveal that is masking as an unofficial "scoop". Clearly they would have looked inside and said SOMETHING about the interior. But KIA has not revealed the interior yet, and hence nothing about it on this video.
Sounds plausible! The only ”real” info we’ve (dealers) got from KIA regarding EV9 are it’s measurments, weight of the different versions and that it’ll be the first KIA running Nvidia.

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There is also this new video, without the camouflage
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