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Hi Folks,

Just want to say that I'm delighted with my EV6 GT Line with Heat Pump in Dark Blue which looks very classy indeed.

Being a pioneer back in 2013 with the i3 (which I'm keeping for another 18 months despite 124k miles to do the 'Mickey Mouse mileage') I got plenty of arrows in the back in the first 2 years, so I'm anticipating the usual few glitches with a REV 1 model.

This car is a game changer for me as I shall be regularly visiting my son whose just started at UCL in London so I can blast in and out in the winter and not have to fret about finding a charger that works/ICE'd the i3 it was always a bit of a challenge...

Hope everyone else is pleased with what my Ex Bro in Law told had been acclaimed as the 'World Car of 2022' apparently !
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