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Finally after months of searching was able to bring home a new Runway Red GT-Line. Stumbled across it at a Manahawkin Kia in New Jersey and was pleasantly surprised that they took my MSRP offer. No dealer add ons or adjustments. However in the purchase package they had the original sticker and dealer addendum which showed that at one point ADM was $7k and another $2k for security etching option. Not sure why they agreed to MSRP but either I got a good deal or something's wrong with the car.

Interesting and nervous 3 hour drive home to Maryland as I learned all the features on the fly. Incredible how the car rides and the acceleration is unreal. Smiling every time I take it out.

Also a "thank you" to everyone on the forums. Found incredible information on all aspects of the EV6 helping me to finally decide to cancel my MME order and go with the Kia. Ironically dealer just called to let me know the MME was delivered.
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I had a similar MME 'offer' call right after I got my EV6. I wasted a large amount of time only to have the MME 'market adjust' come into the equation...after numerous times MSRP was confirmed. I politely said I'm not in the market anymore (as opposed to my knee jerk reaction). I'm certain I would have been happy with MME...Love my EV6
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