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Front seat design & rear-facing baby seat?

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For those who have (or have access to) an EV6 already, has anyone sized out rear-facing baby seats in the back? Looking at the shape of the front seats with the coat hanger on the back and E.T.-like headrest, I'm wondering if that makes them jut back, right about where a rear-facing seat would be longest. But it looks very spacious from photos.

Also - how far forward do those ET. headrests jut when you're seated in the front? I've rented cars that have over-aggressive headrests and find them very annoying, I like to put my head back a bit when cruising.

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It has very much space in The back for a rear facing babyseat. Look at The carwow review on Youtube and he puts One in and there is alot of space.
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Just picked up mine today and put the rear facing seat in, with the passenger seat all the way back, and the seat in the rear facing position, they were touching, moved the passenger seat forward just a little bit to make it easier to rotate the seat, but even then there is loads of legroom for the passenger and a lot of room in the rear footwell for coats/bags etc..

The carwow review mentioned above is here;

As for the headrests, I found them comfortable and despite how they look in pictures, they feel like they are in a "normal" position, its more that the back of the seat has a hump, rather than the headrest juts forward.
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