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What, no heated steering wheel? I've never had one before, but instantly fell in love with it on my test drive!

From what I can tell:

  • if you have 3 buttons (no ventilated seats) they are physical
  • if you have 5 buttons, they are piano-black, touch

Unless anyone has seen a 3-button touch config?
Can confirm UK GT Line has 3 button setup - left heated passenger seat, middle heated steering wheel, right heated driver seat

All work well from my side. Phyical push button not haptic flippy heating to radio media touch buttons

I think only the lower flip dial (need better name) is touch on my car (other than left screen) all the others, right of dash, on wheel are physical.

And both heated wheel and heated seats are awesome - really warm. full setting seat is actually a bit too warm if weather is reasonable.

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