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I'm in the Australian queue for EV6

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We're a little behind the rest of the world with the EV6.

Kia sales guy reluctantly took an order from me today. I think he was most peeved that he had to do a PAPER order as the car is not even in there system for placing orders.

No idea of specs, no idea of colours, no idea of much at all....he had seen one in the country.

I'm banking on some in Melbourne for the Australian Open Tennis as Kia are the major sponsor

Deposit paid, his guess for delivery was June....waiting waiting
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I would not be doing business with a dealer who works that way. But that's me....
I would not be doing business with a dealer who works that way. But that's me....
Agree Ron, it doesn't breed very good relations, they probably figure "heck this bloke is only going to buy one car from me in his
lifetime, it won't matter if we screw him over" but unfortunately have to say its a bit of an Aussie business attitude thing too.

I know I'm being very pessimistic here, but a rise in the LCT threshold has been announced, to kick in from July 1.
Wow Steyr, my dealer told me my RWD with a few add-ons ie ceramic coating and 5 year service plan took me a whisker
into LCT territory which they absorbed....there must have been some major changes (unless it varies State by State - which
thinking about it, it probably does) !
I would not be doing business with a dealer who works that way. But that's me....
Believe me, I'll never do business with them again.
But I've been waiting more than 15 months for my car so far, and my options are:

1. Cancel the sale, order again through a better dealer and wait another 6 months or more for delivery. My current dealer then sells my current order to someone else, making an additional $3000 in the process (they have a blue GT on the showroom floor currently, priced at about $3500 over MSRP).

2. Stick it out, get my car in another week or month, and prevent the dealer profiting further by them reselling my order.

Sticking to the deal is the best way I can "hurt" the dealer, but really they win either way.
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Stick it out, get my car in another week or month...
Yes Steyr, choose this option, once you've got the beast in your hot little hands you could find another dealer to do the service/warranty work (if there's any) and wash your hands of the current one !
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Good luck Steyr, hang in there buddy. Won't be long now.

Gave mine its first wash yesterday and my lordy, it just takes your breath away !
Not only does this car drive like nothing else I have ever experienced ( and I am a "car guy" with far too many years under my belt ) It is absolutely stunning visually.
Really deceptive. From a distance it looks like a small hatch back, but get closer and you realise just how imposing it really is. So muscular and flowing. Looks like it is doing 100 just standing still !
Had the neighbour come over yesterday and just drool over it !

Out and about last night and roads were wet. Not even a hint of slip and slide. The Pilot Sports are sticky as sh*t on a blanket ;)

Dash mat arrived today.
Looks and feels very good. Very soft and flexible. not carpet like at all. More like a suede / velour ?
The back has lots of little sticky silicone dots to grip the dash surface.
They also included some sticky velcro tabs, but I wont use them unless I really have to.

I fitted the EvGoGo floor mats but cannot for the life of me get the retaining sockets to engage with the mounting points on the floor?
The mats themselves are really nice and perfectly moulded. ( except for the rear mat where it buts up against the back of the console is pretty tight.
I'll wait till I can get the retainers secured properly and then see how that area fitment is. Might need to trim about 5mm off the are to allow it to sit exactly right.
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Hey Andy ?

Very interesting comparison from a year ago :oops: These new panels pump the juice !

Slope Terrestrial plant Font Grass Rectangle
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Looks like there is a navigation update for Australia. Unfortunately it's working exactly as expected, at least for me :rolleyes:
Rectangle Font Parallel Screenshot Technology
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Brace yourself.. ready?
Rectangle Font Parallel Screenshot Brand

Does that mean it won't say "Entry to wrong way detected" in the carpark? I doubt it, but that would be convenient.
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Same here....
Hey Andy ?

Very interesting comparison from a year ago :oops: These new panels pump the juice !

View attachment 14422
Holy ravioli, you nearly produced the same kWh with these panels from 3/4 of a day vs the whole
day before from a perfect curve....and clipping early as expected. Jolly good mate, everything is
going to plan with the solar (y) what time does it stop clipping, can you remember ?

Bit of bad weather here preventing me going on the roof, but I have some inside stuff to do so still
on target to get extra shiny electrons maybe this weekend !
Brace yourself.. ready?
View attachment 14424
Does that mean it won't say "Entry to wrong way detected" in the carpark? I doubt it, but that would be convenient.
Wow acongdon,
Isn't that an exceptional update description from Kia LOL "Experience more convenient driving...."
A few more details would be lovely !!! :LOL:
what time does it stop clipping, can you remember ?

Don't know yet. the clouds rolled in around 2 but I reckon she should red-line between 9 and 3 this time of year.

Come summer, possibly 8 - 4 ?

Gotta love these free* electrons !
Happy to report the dash mat fits perfectly (y)
Cheers Dave, good to know...might have to add one to my list addons.

Yes, I remember when I lived over there, the long summer days and the cold short and wet winter ones !!!
Didn't have solar then so wasn't factored in like it might be now LOL :LOL:
Dash mat all good but the floor mats are , well, not perfect.

Just got off the phone with EvGoGo after an interesting discussion.

What I found out.... ( i'll attach some pictures. )

Regarding the front floor mats.
The "socket" that is part of the floor mat is bigger than the peg that protrudes from the floor of the car. meaning that while it does sit over the peg, it does not mechanically lock onto it.
Glasses Automotive tire Eyewear Vision care Road surface

The raised lip that abuts the centre console is a bit too high and covers up the ambient strip light that is fitted there.
Hood Finger Automotive design Automotive exterior Motor vehicle

The rear edge of the front floor mat has "ramps" that line up with the seat runners. If a large enough drink were to be spilled, it would not be contained and the liquid would run off under the seat.
Bag Gas Rectangle Grille Electric blue

Regarding the rear floor mat.

The sockets do not line up with the floor pegs at all. To make them line up, the mat needs to be pushed forward about 30mm ( pic shows mat with socket piece removed )
Hood Grille Automotive tire Automotive design Automotive exterior

In fact they miss by about 30mm, which means that when the floor mat is placed in its correct position, the floor pegs push up on the mat and do not allow it to sit flat. ( this issue is a big deal as the mat does not sit flat on the floor)

The portion that sits under the front seats looks like it is about 20mm too short. (doesn't go right up to the runners)
Automotive design Tints and shades Comfort Personal luxury car Auto part

Now this MAY be juts a GT thing, given that it has different seats compared to the other ev6 models ?? and besides, it is not really a big deal.

So just a heads up folks.
The distributor has all the photos and will be talking to the manufacturer, hopefully to get these issues sorted.
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Sorry to hear that Dave - I suspect that the GT has slightly different dimensions to the other variants.
Same here....
Just check this page May 2023 Navigation Map and Software Update > Notice | Official Kia Navigation Update Website and it says that the updates will be available from May 30 2023.
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