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We have RWD trims in Ireland - no AWD

So Ive started to look to Northern Ireland for AWD - So far no KIA dealer will export the car - they insist that it must be registered in NI

Does anybody else have experience of purchasing a new car in NI and importing to Irish republic?


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I spoke to the guys in Shelbourne Kia about doing this at the launch event back in August. They said it should be no problem.

I didn't get into the details with them, but I did talk to a Hyundai dealer about doing the exact same thing on an Ioniq 5 (as we've no long range Ioniq 5s in ROI for now). I was importing via my own Limited Company, so unless the rules are different for a private sale it pans out as follows:

Kia/Hyundai NI would sell it exVAT, registered to your ROI address (or you pay the UK VAT and then claim it back when you prove you've paid the ROI VAT)
Pay the ROI VAT
Pay the ROI
In theory there is no custom charges. No VRT relief as it costs more than €5k. No SEAI grant as it's not being bought from a ROI dealer.

Best of luck,keep us posted.

Maybe a private sale is different for a new car sale
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