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I get what your saying, but, I'm looking for the most probable value the car might sense for;
IR..? , well thats a moving target depending on temp, capacity and SOC. so, i doubt its that.
AGMs have a low IR anyway, very similar to lithium.
Current flow, well i dont see how a diff current would come out of the batteries.
If the car wants 10Amps, it will get 10 amps.
Temp; I dont see any difference, we're not talking about any heavy hi rate discharges.
ALthough the charging profile is different, the lithium can accept a lead profile even though it may not be fully charged at the end.
VOltage, is the only thing i can see... ie, voltage drop compared to the current draw. the Li would be less, although, that also depends on the Ah of the battery.
I'm still stumped. We dont know the answer. Maybe i should contact the eng dept at Kia. to find out. if thats humanly possible
So ask what are your specific questions, and i will try to help you here. Also provide all necessary details about lithium battery pack
Does it have dedicated BMS, heater, and anything else that is not similar to the factory 12V battery.

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ok, good to hear your on board.
ok, I can configure the LiFEpo4 battery to whatever needs to be done if at all possible.
What i need to know is what....!?
There must be some particular thing the car, or DCDC converter is sensing as a difference between Li and lead.
I need to know what that thing is, that so i can make the Li battery to emulate the lead, so the car can " sense" it is a lead instead of lithium.
This issue is especially applicable to all the tesla 3 and Y models.
Then, maybe you have the ability to test such a battery prototype.
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