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After many test drives in many different EV’s, we just have ordered the EV6 in the cheapest way to collect the dutch government 2022 subsidy of € 3.350,-.
To collect this we had two options to be below the €45k. Or go with the ‘Runway Red’ with head pump or go for other colour without the pump. We have chosen for the first one with of course de 58kWh version.
Ordered it 3rd of Jan and immediately requested the subsidy, while the €70mil for 2022 can go fast. (After 1st day already €10mil requested)
We have also 27 solar panels on our garage and house, so I am very interesting to drive on my “own” electricity as much as possible. (To avoid netting electricity due to the netting rules will change in the Netherlands)
Till now I have no charging station, so want to know all about this. Till now I have designed an PI application with WIFI powerplug to charge the car when we have enough solar power. I saw that the Zappi V2 Has also this feature.
Also Interested in the differences between the Dutch Air and Plus versions. I already saw that the black body work is a difference too! (Very disappointed about this)
The Plus black bumpers and bodywork/bumpers has been sprayed shiny black, on the Air NOT!
Probably I will have it sprayed included DECHROMED.
Of course also in the Apple Carplay. (To bad not wireless..)
So if you have info for me regarding:
  1. delivery time Air EV6
  2. Do you have an Air EV6 58kWh? Any not listed differences with plus? How many km om 80% / 100% battery?
  3. Praying and/or dechroming(wrapping)
  4. Charging station in combination with solar pannels
  5. Carplay
  6. Charging in Germany? (For holiday)

Still have some time, hopefully have the car in 5 months time. Really exited!
Thanks! Cheers Fabian (Zaanstad)
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