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Is there a forum for happy EV6 owners-

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I am getting depressed reading all of the whining that is on this forum. Is there no 'happy EV6 owners- mine is till on order and now after an hour on this forum- i am thinking maybe I should lose my deposit and get out of the KIA market. IS NOBODY HAPPY WITH THEIR KIA EV6?
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Late 2022 Red GTL-AWD. Long story short, buying this car and this trim was a very good decision for me and my wife. We have very different expectations for a car.

It is mainly for my wife, and she let’s me pick out cars because I’m an enthusiast that endlessly researches cars, while she has no interest. I won’t buy a car that I wouldn’t also love to drive, and ultimately it’s her daily driver but I enjoy it while I can. I wanted to get an EV due to gas prices and looking ahead for what’s to come.

This car satisfies me as someone who wanted a great looking, fun to drive car, not everyone has. It has great performance, good handling any yet a comfortable ride with creature comforts and the latest tech. I love Sport mode to have a good time and to be able to go faster than most cars on our roads.

Meanwhile, my wife has more basic needs, just a car that’s reliable and comfortable. She lives in ECO mode. It is a comfortable cruiser and has proven to be reliable in our first five months of ownership. In fact it hasn’t had anything go wrong with it. It has proven to be more than just transportation for her though as she loves the color, look, tech, and driving it.

I did replace the subwoofer though to improve the stereo, and thanks to this forum I had great instructions to follow. I have also got some great ideas to add to the car or learn some “how to” tips from this forum.
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