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KIA all weather floor mats- poor fit in rear

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Has anyone purchased the Kia all weather floor mats (part # CVF13 AC000)? The fronts for OK, even though they're about two inches shorter at the rear by the front seat tracks, but the rear one-piece mat is about an inch too wide directly behind the center console and it bunches up or has to run up the rear of the console. The carpet floor mats have a different part number for the GT and non GT versions, but the all weather mats have the same part number. The factory carpet mats have a cut-out behind the console, but the all weather mats do not. Maybe the GT console is longer at the rear? Anyway, pretty crummy fit for $225...
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The GT has been confirmed to have a different layout than non-GT. I'd return those mats.
like the ones I got, and got the tuxmat for cargo (covers the kick plate which is plastic).

need to get these too:

Yes, the all weather EV6 rear mats don’t fit the GT trim. Most of the aftermarket mats fit if they have a notch for the center console rather than a flat across design.


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Yes, I returned the factory all weather mats- no cut out for the longer (or more rearward) console.
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