Some new details about the upcoming EV9 have been revealed in South Korea.

  • Release date - 2023
  • Up to 540 km / 335 miles of range
  • Total length is 5 meters (196.8 inches)
  • 100 km of range (62 miles) with 6 minutes of charging
  • 0-100 km/h (0-62 mph) in 5 seconds

Starting from 2023, Kia plans to launch two or more electric vehicles every year, including the EV9, and build a full EV lineup of 14 models by 2027. Today they shared first details of the EV9, a large electric SUV that will be released in 2023.

This is compared to the previous plan to release 11 car models by 2026, with the addition of a dedicated electric pickup truck, a strategic electric pickup truck for emerging markets, and three economical (entry-class) electric vehicles.

Kia expects that the EV9, a flagship electric vehicle, will once again prove its world-class competitiveness in electric vehicles following the EV6, which swept favorable reviews in advanced markets, such as being selected as the ‘2022 German premium car of the year’.

Even though the EV9 is a large sports utility vehicle (SUV):

▲A total length of 5 meters. ▲Maximum driving range of about 540km. ▲100km driving range with 6 minutes of charge. ▲Excellent ability to reach 100km/h from standstill in 5 seconds.

For the first time in Kia models, over-the-air software update (OTA) for controllers and Feature on Demand (FoD) services that allow customers to selectively purchase software functions will also be applied to implement electric vehicles as smart devices.

In addition, it is planning to apply advanced autonomous driving technology, including Highway Driving Pilot (HDP), a third-level autonomous driving technology, and some convenience features like the Magic Roof, an improved interior space configuration or ultra-wide display.

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