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Kia EV9 Spotted Driving in Los Angeles

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An uncovered EV9 prototype was spotted driving around southern California.
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Makes the EV6 wheels look absolutely STUNNING!
Yep. I couldn’t get rid of those wheels fast enough.
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I could live with the black GT version. But those dreadful wheels would be replaced with other style but still Kia wheels.

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For the time being I'll stick with my Navigator and EV6.
KIA's other bigger SUV's are so fantastic looking they departed from that with this.
Yeah. We're holding out for the Blazer SS EV.
Tesla was so Orwellian and difficult to work with on our home solar we'll stay clear of them, superior products or not with these prices no room for a problem company.
No unified design language on the EV9 and too much cladding. The back is a mess. There is no need to carry the rear quarter panel beltline across the lift gate (which serves no purpose as it only contrasts with the more curved cladding of the wheel arch and doesn't go through the doors to connect to the front quarter panel). I get the futuristic look they were going for to imitate the Rivian. Looking at it again, I think the double and thick and high cladding are making this tacky looking.
"The cladding." Good take. Too much.
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