Kia is now the second most popular EV seller in Sweden as they have leap frogged Tesla. Only Volkswagen is ahead of them now.

From January-November of 2021 Kia sold 6,018 EVs, giving them a 12.7% market share.

In that same time span VW sold 9,296 EVs (19.6% market share) and Tesla sold 5,666 EVs (11.9% market share)

Kia got the second spot in the EV sales market in Sweden in the January-November period of 2021, surpassing Tesla and placed below Volkswagen.

Kia sold a total of 6,018 EVs in the January-November period this year, becoming the second highest-selling EV brand with a 12.7 percent market share.

At the top of the list was Volkswagen, which sold 9,296 vehicles that representa a 19.6 percent market share. During the same period, Tesla sold 5,666 EVs, claiming a 11.9 percent market share.

Until October, Kia were behind Tesla but the sales in November helped Kia to got the second spot after selling 776 units. On the same month Tesla sold 299 units.

Kia’s first dedicated all-electric EV6 and the Niro hybrid drove up sales, selling 355 and 365 units, respectively.

Sweden is one of the top markets for EVs in Europe together with Norway or Iceland. According to data compiled by the EU Commission, EVs made up 15.9 percent of all car sales in Sweden, the third-highest portion after Norway’s 59.7 percent and Iceland’s 27.9 percent.

“It’s an encouraging result that we have surpassed Tesla in Sweden, one of the environmentally advanced markets in Europe. We plan to increase sales in other key markets such as Germany, the UK and Norway,” a Kia official said.