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Leaked: All new Kia EV9

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"We have consciously not used piano black," explained Jochen Paesen, vice president of interior design at Kia. "We're using a middle gray; it's in both matte and gloss. But as you see, the combination between matte and gloss is what makes it feel refined rather than just having a lot of gloss material. So it gives you a modernity, we feel. The black gloss has had its time—we can do without it," Paesen told Ars.
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Huh? Did we watch the same video?
You talking about the seat capacity? The videos show the 6-pass version (2+2+2 layout). The 7-pass version will have a 2+3+2 layout.
The number one reason the swivel seats will be a cool feature is easy loading of a baby into a car seat as the seat can face the open door.
One thing I didn't see anyone mention so far is the mounting of the seatbelts inboard. That means, the seatbelt buckle is on the door-side so if you get the model without the swivelling seats, you can still buckle the seatbelt more easily as the buckle is in front of you.

I'm getting the feeling this thing is going to be very expensive.
Yeah, $70-$90k is my guess. I mean that's within the realm of a Suburban but still, that's hard to wrap one's head around.
Seems to me even if they can go with 90-100kWh battery it will be tough to break the 300 mile range barrier in AWD with the typical SUV aerodynamics, which is an important barrier to break.
Yeah. 300 miles EPA won't be 300 miles on the highway since it's a combined figure. But who knows, maybe they'll rate it conservatively given it's targeting families and not EV enthusiasts and therefore might win favours if they rate it conservatively.
Now what kind of trim is this? It's definitely different from all other spotted/reviewed ones.

It has
  • different front bumper (more off-roadish)
  • digital mirrors
  • LIDAR on the front bumper?
  • less chrome and more black exterior accents

Is it GT?

Presumably the Lidar is for HDP.
You could also add custom rear sunshades to the EV6 for a price.

Automotive parking light Grille Automotive tail & brake light Automotive tire Hood
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