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Leaked: All new Kia EV9

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Pricing will be the issue. Our 2023 SX X Line Telluride was $50k. A mid spec awd for $60k would be reasonable. I don’t think it’s going to be possible given ev6 prices but we’ll see.
Agree pricing will be key, particularly as these likely won't qualify for the 7.5k tax credit that most of the competition will enjoy. Unless Kia gets creative with leasing structures?
it looks nice and im sure it will be great around town, but im really interested to see if an awd model will hit 270 real world miles. if not then it doesn't seem worth it to me, when for a bit more money you can get an R1S, which definitely will. I'm looking for a 3 row family/road trip car that will go at least 250-270 miles on a charge in real world conditions and I'm willing to pay for more batteries to ensure that.
I'd try to talk a friend out of buying a Rivian at this point. Deliveries and revenue keep pushing out, the stock's lost 90% of its value since IPO, more layoffs are coming. Not sure they're going to make it, and if they don't depreciation and parts support for existing owners will become serious issues. $.02, but I don't have similar concerns around Kia.
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