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Leaked: All new Kia EV9

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Question because I forgot when does this come out again (when can we purchase)?

I'm a kia guy, but couldn't wait no longer so bought an Ariya last month but I'm liking this even though the interior and infotainment looks like my Ariya. But love the exterior look, I don't care for white cars so waiting to see the darker colors.
A few things I have spotted:
  • Physical buttons that seem well-designed!
  • A dedicated HOME button - yep, no more touching the screen to find it. You can probably program the STAR button e.g. to Android Auto or CarPlay.
  • No more separate Nav&Map buttons - one is enough.
  • There is a "Terrain Mode" button on the wheel - probably Snow/Mud/Sand. Cool. Not really for off-roading but it means EV9 can handle some country roads and deeper snow.
  • At 91% displayed range is 91%. This gives the total range at 470, which is... not great, but not bad either. We'll have to wait for official data AND real-world tests.
  • Shifting stick looks good.
  • The UI seems like re-packaged system we know from other Kia/Hyundai vehicles, but it could be just my impression.
  • The are some scroll-wheels on the steering wheel. Maybe it will be easier to adjust volume and cruise-control speed.

The changes compared to EV6 are huge. I am glad they did not go with the dual AC/Media panel which was IMO a cheap gimmick.

Hope to learn more details soon.

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I'm guessing that's not 470 miles. Because that sounds great to me lol
I put this in another thread a month or so ago. Has the trims, price etc
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Do you speak Korean to decode the rest? Lol
Look at how big the 2nd row bench is! It is a lot bigger than my ev6. View attachment 12694
This is definitely the version I prefer with having three children.
Of course it's bigger than the ev6 lol

I have no kids and I want this. Have no idea why I love big vehicles for just me but I do lol
1 - 5 of 87 Posts