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Hi folks just like the title says. I’m looking to install a level 2 home charger for my anticipated first edition Kia Ev6 GT-Line S (package 2) Runaway Red. I also want to look at potential future needs. I now have my wife eyeing EV‘s instead of an ICE car for her next vehicle. What is the max amperage delivery that a Kia Ev6 can charge/receive with right now for level 2?
I live in Toronto, Canada (no garage) and my fellow Canadians can understand that the charging cables outside must to be flexible in the cold weather so I am eyeing in ChargePoint Flex and it is rated to deliver power up to 50Amp the drawback is if we ever need to put a second charging unit you can’t put two units on the same power line and share power with that brand but I want max amperage. If I can I will have the power line installed outside rated up to 100amps (yes I have to increase my service to 200amps). I’m also looking at the Flo X5 home charger up to 48amps.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

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