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My Surprise Hertz Rental

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Picked up my rental car in SFO this past Sunday and surprise:

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Same as mine, including color, except '23' model vs '22 model and RWD vs AWD and no tech package. I connected the car to my app and I was in a very familiar environment. Was wonderful to have HDA drive me from SFO to SJC in the pouring rain at 2am my body clock time. I was offered the car for the same price as the economy car that I had booked. The only gotcha was they charged me a $35 charging fee for returning with less than 70% SOC was 68%.

I wonder if the RWD models are not selling and Hertz picked them up on the cheap.

It would be nice to have a function in the Kia Connect App to take all my personalizations from my car and apply them to my rental.
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