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My turn to have dead 12v battery

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Bought car June 1st 2022. Now convered 24000 miles. Car serviced last week and service Chart shows 12v battery checked good. Recently I had low battery warning signs and quickly switched car on and was scared to sit with just ignition on but not running (ICE car terminology). So I put my jump start Noco Booster in my car just in case. Sure enough had to use it to switch car on after getting the warning signs, beeps and turn car on with key fob. This has happened five or six times now. Called the dealer. They said can’t do anything until car is towed into dealer with dead battery. And they can’t give me a loaner car if that happens either.
Tonight car is dead. Can’t lock the doors. Had to put jumper on battery to lock the doors. Arranged tow from Kia to dealer in morning. Hopefully this isn’t beginning of a saga that others have had. Not looking good.
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So if the 12 volt battery tested fine what was there explanation to your issues?

If the battery is fine what caused the flat battery, did they say?
No. They don’t know what caused it. No diagnosis.
My dealer didn't have a "diagnosis" either ... just insisted I must have left something plugged in or on.
Trying to diagnose this... It looks like 12 volt and usb goes off when power goes off. I have had this happen three times to me. I believe every time, i have left the doors unlocked in my garage. I have a new 23 (bought in April)
This is a safety issue. Thank God it has not happened to my EV6 BUT for all those in the US who have had this issue it is really important that you file a complaint with the NTSB. If they get enough complaints they will begin an investigation AND if they find the issue is with KIA they will order a fix. This is very concerning. I have health problems that would make it difficult to have to go through this if away from home. With all these reports online about this problem this is not an isolated problem, it is widespread an MUST be fixed. As much as I enjoy this car, the fear of this happening to me with my health issues has me wondering whether I made a mistake trading my Tesla on the EV6.
Are people who are having the issues got cameras fitted to the car?

Also in the UK we know there was an issue with Octopus but I wonder if this issue is more then just them and the car keeps waking up thinking it needs to be charged when plugged in and fully charged or on a schedule charge.
Also in the UK we know there was an issue with Octopus
Do you have any information about the issue with Octopus? I signed up for Intelligent Octopus last week, next day the 12V battery was flat and I've disabled the integration ever since. Reported it to Octopus and their response was "no, we wouldn't have caused that".
UPDATE: After dealer sent me home with nothing done last week I had a week where the car would start ok first thing and then after mid morning each start needed jumping. Had this for a few days and needed car for work. Then when the screens in the car didn’t even light up I knew it was bad. 12v battery seems to charge at same time as the 800v one so in morning was usually ok. Drive to dealer got to dealer and turned it off. It wouldn’t start again at dealer to bring into their workshop at 7:30am. They jumped it and then they have put a new 12v battery in it and I got a rental car that Kia pays for. Hopefully this is all it is. Bad 12v battery. I’ll get car back tomorrow and update you all.
New battery fitted a week ago. My car is back to the car I’ve loved for a year. No problems.
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