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I've been looking at EV cars for about a year but only when I read about the new KIA EV6 coming last year that I seriously considered it. Most of the apprehension was about the infrastructure in Ireland and poor range of most of them. I have a great SUV, Q5 TDI, and tough to give up with a range of over 1,000 kms to an EV with maybe 400! Looked at plug in hybrids as an intermediate step but didn't seem to be a step forward. However, when I test drove the EV6 in November wow! Range is over 500km and its a superb looking car, well finished with so many safety features especially the GT Line I ordered.

I met it yesterday as it had arrived earlier than expected and expect to take ownership in a couple of weeks once the Home Charger goes in.. So much to learn about EV driving, planning your journey, where the fast chargers are located, how to operate them, which charging entities are best to join and sign up to?

I'm looking forward to getting some tips from the membership on this forum and assistance when needed.

It's a new world for me but one I think is the right place to enter now. Douglas
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