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Hi everyone. Look forward to be a valuable contributor to this forum.

Looking at the EV6 as my first EV. Big step, especially considering I am downsizing from a full size Ford F150 Limited pick up truck...twin-turbo V6. However, I am on a roll of converting to all electric, including all my power equipment. I no longer need a jerry can of fuel in my home. My vehicle is the next step.

I have owned Hyundai, a 2013 Santa Fe XL, which I sold when I needed a pick up truck. My SF was by far my least problematic and most enjoyable vehicle (have had Subarus, Toyota, Mitsubishi, some Big 3 cars in my early years). So I have no hesitation going back to the Hyundai motor group, whether Hyundai or Kia.

Plan is to buy mid year 2022 depending on possible incentives being offered in my locale.

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