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Hi All, current KIA Optima Hybrid and Audi e-tron driver here. Years ago I left BMW and got a Optima Hybrid (2012), since then I have had mainly KIA vehicles, 2 more Hybrids and the Stinger. Was planning trading in the Hybrid on the e-tron but ended up parting with the Stinger. With the EV6 release, I’m quite interested to see what it brings and how it performs over the long term. The mileage rating is what has me interested as I have seen the Niro do better than the rated specs and I know I get better mileage on my hybrids over the years.

The e-tron is rated for 222 miles but at high highway speeds it’s about 184 (for me, out here limits are high, 75). At lower speeds, can certainly get higher. I’ve seen an estimated range of 265 after driving over some mountains and sticking to around 80 on the flats. If they make this car quieter than my 17 Hybrid and as close to the Audi e tron, I will probably trade in the e tron. I’ve already had some issues with the vehicle and we know German cars are notoriously expensive to repair, out of warranty. I’m here to learn more about this vehicle as they start being delivered, to gain some knowledge from those who ordered theirs and will be driving before the rest gets delivered.

I have been wanting to go electric since having the Hybrids, especially the 17. When I charge the battery up and put it in ECO, I have driven it 8 miles without the engine coming on, over rolling hilly roads, that experience got my attention. Having a purpose built EV from KIA is going to be a truly great thing. As we know Albert Biermann has been tuning the cars and the GT version has already shown it can stand with some big boys. Good times ahead!
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