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New member. Urban yellow on reserve

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Hey there,
Excited about Kia bringing out a new ev. Already have a 2018 stinger, best car I ever bought.
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Welcome @touring10!

Were you considering any other EVs before deciding to go with the EV6?
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Did look at Tesla, but i didn't like them. Still considering the mach-e or ionic 5, but i like the ev6 better.
I reserved the same! Coming form a Chevy Bolt that was re-purchased by Chevy based on battery recall
Welcome to the forum guys!
@touring10 is this going to be your first EV?

@madmike what convinced you to go with the EV6?
Yes, this will be my first ev.
In my opinion, Honda and Toyota have become stale. I had a few civic hatchbacks before, even had a crz once but that should've been a bev. Honda doesn't seem to be forward looking anymore. Toyota reminds me of Buick, nothing exciting. Did look at Tesla, but they remind me too much like an Apple product, no offense to Apple people, I'm more of an Android person.

When looking for the car i have now, was going to get a Mustang, stopped by the Kia dealer and feel in love with the Stinger. Realized at that point Kia and Hyundai have bold and exciting new designs and more technology for the money.

As for why i chose the ev6? I like some aspects of the ionic 5, but it comes down to style. IMO, i like the looks of the ev6 more then the ionic 5.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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