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Joined the forum when I ordered my car back in March 2022. Since then, the matte grey was cancelled but 1 year and 2 days after order, I took delivery of a Black GTLine Option package 2 this past Saturday!
Drove 309km home from the dealer and loved every minute of it. Started at 98% SoC, ended with 11% at home and 54km on the GOM at 3*C. I charged it that day to 100%, which would cost me $5.61 for the 62kWh of energy, though I did make 68kWh of solar that day :)

Very much looking forward to more drives as the weather gets nicer. OEM wheels have studded Continental winter tires mounted and I have the OEM all season Continental tires on a set of 20" FAST FC04 wheels to go on once the frost is gone.
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