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So I'm a proud owner of a new Kia EV6 RWD GT-LINE in Runway Red color. During inspection of the vehicle prior to driving it off the lot, I noticed a small chip in the paint near where the trunk lid meets the bumper. Hardly noticeable unless you look close, but it was a disappointing discovery.

Haggled with the dealership and they knocked some off the out the door price and agreed to do the repair work with parts and labor on them with a limited lifetime warranty on the parts and labor (workmanship). Got all that in writing and the body and paint shop manager at the dealership swore they will make it look like new. Isn't going to be one of those just touch it up with a paint pen jobs, literally involves removing the bumper, sanding down the area, applying primer, then building up the triple clear coat red paint and blending to match the surrounding area. I have seen the work a good paint and body shop can do on a new car as far as paint matching, but you really can't tell the longevity of the paint quality until months or years down the road.

So my question is this: would you forego the work and just let this barely noticeable paint chip ride, or would you have the paint and body shop do it's thing and hope they don't screw up what is an otherwise very nice looking rear end on the new car?

Not looking for comments or critique on my decision to accept the vehicle. I did that on my own and don't have any regrets given the scarcity of this color and my desire to buy at a slightly knocked down price when I was there and just ready to be done with the whole new car buying process. Is what it is...

Just asking what you would do faced with a similar situation. I could easily cover the chip up with a small decal or bumper sticker, although that isn't really my style to hang bumper stickers on a brand new car. I'm leaning toward having the dealership do the work, but wanted to hear if anyone had any negative experiences with paint matching on a new vehicle and if anyone is dead set against having work like this done.

Loving my new ride, turn a heads every time I take my new EV6 out for a spin!

Thanks for any advice either way...
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